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In Loving Memory of my Father and Sister
With Much Love

With Much Love

My name is Janine and  I am the owner of Bello Capelli Salon. I have been practicing the art of hair designs in Riverside, Ca since 1995. I am proud to say that I have been fortunate to have worked at some of the finest salons in Riverside throughout my career. Bello Capelli stands for, "Beautiful Hair"  in Italian. I came up with the name in memory of my late Father and Sister who lost their lives to cancer. On my Fathers side we have inherited Italian blood, so therefore I utilized Bello Capelli as an Italian name for our salon.

It has always been a dream of my late Sister, Michelle and I to own a Salon together. Michelle began her career at Hair Maxx in 1999 in Riverside, Ca.  Michelle loved her job working part time as a hair designer, and raising her four children, but was never able to fulfill her dream of owning a Salon together. Shortly after she was diagnosed, she began treatments for breast cancer. The strength and perseverance she showed throughout her fight was amazing and admirable. Michelle never lost sight of the love of her family which always came first, and always demonstrated honesty, love and kindness towards others.

My daughter, Cheree' was very close to her Aunt and has been honored to receive her haircutting shears after her passing. Though Michelle was not aware what her niece would choose for her career, I am certain that she would be very proud.  Those who know Cheree' and her story, know that she too is amazing, honest and loving. The memory of the love that was shared between them makes me feel very close to my beloved Sister, Michelle. 

Bello Capelli  Salon could never have been possible without my Husband's talent,  hard labor, dedication and support.  It is a blessing to have Cheree and my Daughter Breanna being a part of making Bello Capelli a professional environment and friendly place to work. My Father Frank had always been the rock of our family, was honest and hard working, and had much love for all those he met throughout his life. My Father had always followed his dreams and by living out his dreams he  has taught all of us many great and wonderful things. My Father Frank and Sister Michelle is not forgotten, much loved and greatly missed!

We Love You!


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