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iStraight System - Japanese Hair Straightening
Amazing Results

Amazing Results

{Ai} is a Japanese character pronounced "i" with the definition of Love. i-Straight (Also known as Love-Straight), is the safest and most effective system for straightening the different types, conditions, and textures of light curls to the most stubborn kinky hair type.

The i-Straight formulas contain natural oils, ceramide and other ingredients to breakdown the bonds. At the same time, it gives the hair back its natural resources and proteins to give the hair a more brilliant natural shine with silkier texture.


The I Straight System (Thermal Reconditioning) is a permanent hair straightening system that utilizes 3 solution strengths, each tailored for different cases.  Whether the difference is in hair texture, curl type, and condition (such as highlighted, bleached, or even pre-relaxed hair types) there is a solution to meet the specific needs of each individual.  The solutions (No. 1 relaxers) can also be inter-mixed with each other to form a custom strength depending on the condition of the hair.  The solutions (No.1) are cream-based for easier application and to prevent the relaxer from dripping down to the scalp area.  As with all hair chemicals, if it touches the scalp, breakage can occur.  

The I Straight formulas contains negative ions in the relaxer (solution 1) and positive ions in the neutralizer.  This will create a stronger bond to restructure the hair properly and to keep the hair healthy, moisturized, and vibrant.
One of the best benefits of using the I Straight System is Ceramide.  Ceramide is a natureal resource that is part of your intercellular bonds to keep the integrity of the hair and fortifies the cuticles to keep the hair soft, natural, and healthy.   Ceramide is used as a substitute for silicone types commonly used in the relaxer.  Other products currently in the market utilize Dimethicone, a common Silicone by-product, to coat the hair for artificial shine and smoothness.  However, after the Dimethicone has been bonded to the hair, (with the use of a hot iron) it will eventually dry or break off, taking the cutilces along with it.  The result is damaged hair in the long run or reverting curls.

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